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Chaplain Corps College | USV-JSC Chaplain Corps Mission

Motto: “Ready to Serve”

To assist in Military Funeral Honors (MFH) for our nation’s veterans; to cooperate in emergency services with the USV-JSC Medical Reserve Command (MRC) and the State of Emergency Response Command (SOECOM).


The USV-JSC Chaplain Corps was officially founded in 2007. LTG Allen A. Baumann, USV-JSC National Commander, felt there was a need to incorporate chaplains in the mission of the organization “Boots on Graves.”

The Chaplain Corps is comprised of retired military chaplains, active chaplains, and civilians who volunteer to serve in Units that conduct funeral services at our nation’s cemeteries



Requirements to Join the USV-JSC Chaplain Corps


Chaplains serving in the USV-JSC Chaplains Corps are given the rank of an officer. Therefore, all chaplains must have completed or attained the following in order to serve as a Chaplain:

1. Bachelors degree or higher
2. Ordination or recognition as a clergy member of the denomination or religious organization
3. Letter of Endorsement from that organization
4. Completion of Chaplaincy Training offered by an approved training institution
5. Approved for membership in the USV-JSC

Chaplain Assistants

Men and women can still serve in the Chaplain Corps as Chaplain Assistants if they do not meet the above requirements. However, they must have these minimum requirements:

1. 60 units of College credit
2. Completion of Chaplaincy Training offered by an approved training institution
3. Letter of Endorsement from their Pastor or Religious Supervisor
4. Approved for membership in the USV-JSC

Chaplains Training 

Promise Christian University

The Promise Christian University teaching staff for the Chaplains Certificate Training Program are comprised of retired chaplains or chaplains currently serving in volunteer organizations who all have “on-the-field” experience they share with the class.

Our nation is in need of prepared, trained clergy who are available to minister outside of the four walls of the church. These men and women understand the meaning of “Ministry of Presence” and “Pluralism.” It does not affect their walk with Christ nor faith in Him

Chaplain Training Program

Chaplains Training 1 – Online

Chaplains Training 2 – Pastoral Care

Chaplains Training 3 – Leadership, Military Honors

Chaplains Training 4 – Emergency Services (optional training)
CPR/First Aid Certification



Dr. Mike McKinney, Chaplain (RDML) Emeritus USV-JSC;
Chaplain (Lt Col) USAF Civil Air Patrol 

Chaplain (MAJ) Jackie Dennis

Dr. Robert Harris, Chaplain (Lt Col) USAF CAP
Currently serving as California Wing Commander

Dr. Mike Lynch, Chaplain (Brig Gen), SOE Command Chaplain USV-JSC; Emergency Services, CPR and First Aid

Dr. Jackie Hornsby, Chaplain (MG), Chief of Chaplains USV-JSC

Course Subjects:

Chaplain Training Course

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To register, contact: Dr. Adelle McKinney or Dr. Jackie Hornsby Promise Christian University 970 S. Village Oaks Dr., #201 Covina, CA 91724 Phone: 626-768-3060 Fax: 626-657-8003 Email: [email protected]
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