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In Memoriam

Major General Mark Nguyen – In Memoriam

From LTG Baumann:

Major General Mark Nguyen served with the United States Volunteers-Joint Services Command for more than 20 years. He joined as a Captain, led one of the largest Operations Teams the USV-JSC ever assembled, served as J1 and his last 10 years served as Chief of Staff. In September 2020, he was reassigned as the Special Assistant to Commanding General, NHQ.

His duties were manifest in his ability to speak English and Vietnamese fluently, he was a tech wiz who set up the current website along with multiple webmasters and the last 5+ years with Mr. Quincy Nguyen.

Maj Gen Mark was beyond any ‘mold.’ He could bring harmony to dissonant situations because he had the full confidence of the National Commander and the Staff. Many Commanders sought his advice and help because they didn’t fully appreciate the requirements and he explained them that resulted in harmonious resolution and conducting the USV-JSC mission.

He battled pneumonia and then was administered chemo for lymph node cancer. Several months ago, he called me and sought to be removed from his duties as Chief of Staff. I was reticent but over time I acquiesced knowing he was suffering physically. His mind was ALWAYS strong, and his attitude was always positive. He asked me to NOT tell anyone about his physical battles …and I didn’t.

He was a man of immense integrity and loved being a US Volunteer. He personified the ‘best’ one can be as a true American, Soldier and family man.

In his youth he was a member of a youth organization that conducted clandestine information gathering. He ‘left’ Viet Nam and studied at Long Beach Cal State and worked as a Project Manager for a well-known medical apparatus manufacturer. He introduced me to his team and his superiors.

Major General Mark leaves a huge pair of boots to fill.


His daughter requested that we give her and her mother “space and privacy to grieve.”

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